Tuesday, October 17


Jono's Alfa is still going. I'm kinda half surprised that my gearbox (now in his car) still functions.

I must get my gold one on the road. I've pretty much decided that my black 33 (which is now sans-gearbox) won't make it back on the road for a long time, so I'm going to repurpose its exhaust system for the gold 33.

Thursday, September 21


After a 10 hour marathon of car repairing yesterday I now have a working car!!


I have to take it easy as I don't wanna lose this gearbox too. hehe.

Jobs still to do;
  • Oil and filter change
  • Sort out my CV joints
  • Install my after market springs
  • Swap good bits from old car to new car
  • Use two gearboxes I have and make up one good box.
  • Etc
  • Etc

Tuesday, September 19

Shout Out!

Big ups to me bro Daniel, for he be helping me to da latest of time last night.

We be ge'in the gearbox outta da black alfa yeah. It was afta 11 when we finally get da fing out man.

The aim is dat I be ge'in me alfa back on da road in like by the end of da weeks.


Tuesday, September 12

Here It Is

This is why my Alfas don't work! :(

Monday, August 14

Woo Hoo!!

Jono and I fired up the new(er) gold 33 on Saturday!

It started surprisingly well, since we bought it not knowing if it even went at all.
A rather large hole in the exhaust makes for a most awesome aural assault.

We bled the clutch, so now it can go forwards and backwards - although neither directions are particularly useful as the the brakes are not sufficiently sufficient to stop it.

Thursday, June 1


I got all these Alfas, and not time or money.

Help me...

Thursday, April 27

Great news for everyone in Manurewa!

My brother and I - for some time - have had Immobile 33's. So to ease all the pain and unrest this has caused to all the people of Manurewa, we decided to buy a(nother) car for parts. My brother could use the engine, and I could use the gear box. This way we could have 2 functioning Alfa 33's! The cool thing about this car that we're going halves in, is this; It's the same Series as Dan's - Series 2 - yet the same Colour as Mine - Champange, so it's like the perfect car for us to go halves in. Not to mention the fact that we've paid about %15 - %20 of the price for the entire car, that it would've cost us to get replacement secondhand parts.

Joy to the world...
All the Boys and Girls...
Joy to the 155 and 33's...
Joy to you and me!

edit - 28/04/2006 @ 7:13: Updated due to a minor oversight on the part of the author of NZ's number 1 smash hit 'Joy to the Alfas'